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Deliberation in Schools: Baltimore High Schools in One Room

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Friends School of Baltimore hosts Baltimore High Schools in One Room, 10/22 - 10/23/2020

In partnership with Stanford University’s Center for Deliberative Democracy, students at Friends School of Baltimore hosted a deliberative event that allowed hundreds of high school students from across the Baltimore region to take a deep dive into three areas of pressing national concern: the economy, health care, and foreign policy. Informed by nonpartisan briefing documents, students participated in small group deliberations followed by Q&A sessions with national experts on these topics during the two-day event. Polls taken before and after the deliberations revealed how thoughts and perspectives on some of the most important issues shaping the 2020 election were affected by thoughtful, open, and deeply informed deliberation.

Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy hosts deliberations around the world with the vision of enlivening public dialogue to generate informed and productive solutions to pressing social concerns. FSB was inspired to work with Stanford after learning about their “America in One Room” project. 

Plenary Sessions

Briefing Materials