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Mongolia Holds Its Second Ever National Deliberative Poll

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Photo: Mongolian Parliament

On February 14-15, 2023, over 800 participants met in Mongolia’s State Palace as part of the country's second ever national Deliberative Poll.  The participants, selected through a national stratified random sample of Mongolians, discussed the pros and cons of proposals on the topics of civilian and political rights and responsibilities; parliamentary democracy; the economy, sovereign wealth funds, decentralization; and social problems.  The Deliberative Council developed the proposals for deliberation based on about 600 suggestions and proposals from experts and close to 500 suggestions and proposals gathered online from the public, civil society, and professional organizations.  Based on the results of the “Deliberate and Resolve” national Deliberative Poll, Mongolia’s Deliberative Council submitted its recommendations to the chairman of the national parliament for further consideration. Mongolia passed a law in 2017 requiring Deliberative Polling as part of the procedure for constitutional amendments, for certain local projects to be funded, and some types of planning for public spaces. 

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Deliberative Council Submits List of Recommended Proposals Based on Deliberative Poll to Parliament  

Over 800 Mongolian Citizens Discuss Political, Economic, and Social Issues During Deliberative Poll

Demographic Breakdown for Over 800 Randomly Selected Participants

Agenda for In-Person “Deliberate and Resolve” Deliberative Poll

1,570 Citizens Participate in Initial Survey for Deliberative Poll

Chair of Deliberative Council Dispels False Ideas about Creating and Approving New Constitution through Deliberative Polling

Deliberative Council Establishes Technical Oversight Committee for Deliberative Poll

Deliberative Council Develops Questions for Deliberative Poll Based on Public and Expert Input