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America in One Room Results

America in One Room was a national experiment in deliberation by the public about the major issues facing the country. It brought a state-of-the-art scientific sample of 523 registered voters from around the country to Dallas for civil discussion over a long weekend.  The briefing booklet for the event contained background analysis and competing arguments for and against different policy proposals on five issues: the economy, health care, the environment, immigration, and foreign policy.

Please read the executive summary and then view the overall results.

Overall Results

A note on participants’ rights and data usage. Participation in this project was voluntary and participants had the right to withdraw their consent or discontinue participation at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which they were otherwise entitled. The alternative was not to participate. Participants had the right to refuse to answer particular questions. Participants’ individual privacy are maintained in all published and written data resulting from the study. Participant’s confidentiality are maintained through confidential questionnaires and recordings. All data collected is for research purposes only, anonymized, and stored on an encrypted and password protected device.


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