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Future of Britain

uk-flag-600x338 - Photo: James Giddins/Unsplash

The UK may not have managed to leave the EU as yet – but is eventually set to do so. And leaving the EU will present it with a new set of policy options and choices in those areas of public policy that are currently largely determined by decisions made in Brussels. In an extension of the work we have been undertaking on public attitudes of relevance to the Brexit process on this site, we are now pursuing a research project on the choices that the public think the UK should make once it has left the EU.  Learn more at the Future of Britain project website.

As part of our Future of Britain Deliberative Poll on 3rd and 4th October 2020, we held an expert panel on each of the three topics under discussion over the weekend: Migration to the UK; Food Policy & Regulation and Consumer Regulation. Panellists responded to questions submitted by participants following small group discussions.