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By the People: What’s Next California?

By the People: What’s Next California?

On June 24, 2011, a scientifically selected random sample of 412 registered voters from throughout the state participated in California’s first ever statewide Deliberative Poll on governance reform, in Torrance, CA. The turnout for the “What’s Next California?” Poll was unprecedented in the 17 year history of Deliberative Polling® and the participants came prepared and eager to share their views and engage with fellow Californians in discussions about how our state is governed.

By the People is a special project organized by MacNeil/Lehrer Productions to bring the views of informed, “ordinary” citizens to a national discussion on the important issues of the day.

The Poll focused on four issue areas: The statewide initiative process, legislative representation, local government, and tax and fiscal policy. A total of 30 proposals were considered in these four areas. Over the course of the weekend’s deliberations participants became more informed and in many cases changed their views significantly after deliberation with peers. What do California voters think should be done to fix the state when they focus on the substance of the issues? “What’s Next California?” offers some clear answers.

View the #NextCA Twitter archive and Flickr photostream from the event.

California Voters Ask: What Happened to Our State?PBS Newshour
Judy Woodruff reports on the California Deliberative Poll®. After listening to Californians talk about how to make their state government work better, her overriding impression was that they want their leaders to work together, to compromise when necessary, and to solve problems.

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PBS Newshour documentary: What’s Next California?ResearchResultsJames Fishkin announces the results and discusses the event at the Commonwealth Club of CaliforniaProceduresNextCA BlogPress

PBS Newshour documentary: What’s Next California?



James Fishkin announces the results and discusses the event at the Commonwealth Club of California


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