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What is the Table Talks Project?

What is the Table Talks Project?

Please visit here to Register for a Table Talk or learn more about the program:

The Stanford Center for Deliberative Democracy and Net Zero Together (a project of the Commonwealth Club of California) are collaborating in the Spring/Summer of 2022 to test an approach to civic education that offers people factual information on greenhouse gas emissions in a way that is engaging, empowering, and scalable.

The material for these events will be drawn from the A1R: Climate and Energy Deliberative Poll. The events will employ practices for encouraging informed, inclusive and non-partisan engagement that have been proven through Deliberative Polling.

If the events are successful, the process will be scaled to reach tens of thousands of people at a time, on a rolling basis, with the goal of making this experience accessible to anyone anywhere in the US. The Center for Deliberative Democracy will continue to house the process going forward as a not-for-profit civic education tool, built upon their deliberative democracy methodology.