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Online Deliberation Platform

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The Stanford Online Deliberation Platform is a video discussion platform designed for small group discussions. The platform is designed to facilitate a structured and equitable conversation with better opportunity for participants to speak up.

The Stanford Platform for Online Deliberation is a collaboration between the Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy and Crowdsourced Democracy Team. The platform is designed based on the Deliberative Polling methodology to massively scale deliberation to allow unlimited number of participants to deliberate in small groups together simultaneously. Among its many features is an automated moderator that allows participants to form speaking queues, discuss in small groups with timed agendas, and allow for equitable participation. The platform is easy to use without any downloads, includes abuse prevention, and real-time analytics. The platform has been used in several languages (including Japanese, Chinese, French) and for national Deliberative Polling events in Chile, Canada, and the United States.

To learn more, please also visit: or contact for more information.

Introduction Videos

About the Stanford Online Deliberation Platform (English)

À propos de la Stanford Plateforme de Délibération (French)

Acerca de la Stanford Plataforma de Deliberación (Spanish)

Examples of Deliberative Polling projects conducted with this platform